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Last Chance To See The Romantic Comedy

Death Takes A Holiday!

‘Death’ has comedic sting in CKP show!


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     A shadow in the garden and a close call in their fast cars give the willies to the happy revelers at Duke Lambert’s castle.  Death is far from their minds — until Death takes three days off and comes to call.

    “Death Takes A Holiday,” presented by Crowded Kitchen Players weekends through April 1 is directed by Ara Barlieb.

      Duke Lambert, played with regal dash and imperious attitude by Todd Carpien, is enjoying the life and perquisites of the very rich, including trying to seduce Alda, a pretty guest played with coy abandon by Barbara Jackson Root, when the Duke has an unwanted, hooded and sinister visitor.

     Death, who has always wondered why humans were afraid of him, is played with marvelous perfection by William Alexander, Jr. in the title role.  More perfect casting could scarcely be imagined. Alexander’s commanding presence and physical strength gives him a great edge as a leading man. He can be, by turns, charming and menacing.

    When circumstances compel the Duke to invite Death as a guest, he assumes the name and persona of His Serene Highness Prince Sirki and is introduced and treated as an honored guest.  Prince Sirki quickly learns about wine and beautiful women as he pursues his quest to understand humans.

    Though a couple of the young female guests fall for the Prince’s charm, it is betrothed Grazia, played by lovely Kelly James Herbert, who captures his heart but not before Alda does her hilarious best to show the mysterious guest her sultry charms.   Grazia, who was to marry the Duke’s son, Corrado, played with charm by Brian Kaller, finds that she must choose between life with Corrado, or Death.

    Elizabeth Buss is wonderful as sexy, red-haired Erica Fenton.

    Jack McGavin as old Baron Cesarea is delightful as he feels his energy and carnal appetites returning, not realizing that with Death on holiday the process of dying has stopped.

    The servants, Cora and Fedele, are great fun as they provide needed light-hearted moments. Cora, played by Alexandra Racines, is beautiful as a peasant girl. Fedele, played by stout Dan Daccardi, does duty as a handyman on the Duke’s estate.

    Grazia’s mother, the Princess, is played with heart-rending compassion by Pamela Wallace.  Sarah Thomas breathes humor and life into the role of the flirtatious, but naive, Rhoda.  Nancy Mikkelsen’s  Stephanie, anchors this fine ensemble
     Nancy Mikkelsen’s and Brenna Wallace’s costume design and selection set the era perfectly in Ara Barlieb’s simple but elegant set, which takes place in the castle’s garden patio.

    The cast does a wonderful job of telling the author’s story and leaving the audience contemplating the meaning of life — and death.


Death Takes a Holiday

March 30, 31 at 8pm.

   April 1 at 2pm.  

McCoole’s Arts & Events Place,

10 S. Main St. Quakertown


Tickets: Adults $18,  Seniors $14, Students $8. 

For reservations and more information, call 610.395.7176, email [email protected] or

Reserved seating with pre-payment by check or CC.

(Small service charge applied.)   


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Announce Auditions for their 50th production,  

the classic musical comedy

“Animal Crackers”


  Wednesday, April 4 from 7-9pm at McCoole’s Arts & Events Place, 10 S. Main St., Quakertown PA.

    The show will run weekends June 8 – 24.

    A society matron throws a party for zany African explorer Captain Geoffrey T. Spaulding. Unbeknownst to her, one set of guests plan to switch a famous painting of hers with a cheap imitation while another set of guests tries to switch it with an almost perfect copy.   The intrepid Spaulding seizes command of the ensuing and chaotic investigation.

    Needed: 11 Men & 10 Women: age 18 and older. All singing and non-singing roles are open.   Vocal auditioners, please prepare a memorized 32 bar vocal selection that will show your vocal strengths. An accompanist and a CD player will be provided. Please bring sheet music and/ or CD. Auditioners will perform cold readings from the script and should come dressed for a movement audition.

    Non-performing opportunities are available for Stage Manager, Set Builders, Light Board, Sound Board and Box Office volunteers.

    For more information call 610.395.7176, or email [email protected] or


      LAST CHANCE RANCH is our non-profit agency selection for “Death Takes A Holiday.” 
      Last Chance Ranch, located in Quakertown is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer animal rescue group. LCR rescues the old, the young, the injured, neglected, malnourished, abused, and forgotten and  accepts all breeds of equines, dogs, cats, and small animals. 

      Please look for the table display in the theatre.   Donations and contributions of  paper towels, used towels, latex gloves-medium to large size, bleach, kitty ltter and spray bottles would be greatly appreciated!  


 For more information about LCR –

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