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The Cobblestone Parlor

McCoole’s acquired the old “Main Street Theatre,” located adjacent to McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn, in 2007. The building dates back to the early 1800’s when in was used as a livery stable for the Inn.

Renovations to the first floor of the Theatre allow for two events to occur independently of each other or one larger event. The front room, known as the Cobblestone, holds approximately 40 guests while the back room, known as the Celestial, is perfect for 60 or more guests; used together they easily accommodate 100 people. In addition, each room has its own bar and fireplace. These rooms are primarily used for banquets, receptions, and events and are welcoming spaces for funeral luncheons.

Upstairs is the Black Box Theatre which seats 193. This extremely versatile space has been used for weddings, fashion shows and traditional theatre. It is also available for training seminars, corporate and other meetings, and can work in conjunction with buffet lunches or dinners downstairs. The Theatre may also be rented to theatre companies for stage productions, musical events, or any other type of art venue.

The Celestial Salon
The Cobblestone Parlor